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Beginners Guide to Minecraft

I will be referencing various craftable objects in this guide, while I will be showing some of the crafting patterns here, I do recommend the excellent resource of Minecraft Wiki – which will show you how to make everything in the Minecraft world!

But enough of that, lets begin

The Beginners Guide to Minecraft!

(A guide to starting in a blank Minecraft Survival World)

You can read on – or just watch my video on how to survive your first night in Minecraft.

When you first enter the world of Minecraft it’s easy to feel a little lost at sea. You are in a world unsullied by the hands of no one but a few rather uninteresting villagers. Your inventory is empty, you have no armor, you have nothing but your bare hands to survive with.

The good news is, you have some pretty powerful hands.

Lets begin the Guide!

Starting_GridWhen you first appear in the Minecraft Survival world your first night will be the hardest. You have a lot to do, and precious little time to do it in.

First things first, you aren’t anything without some tools. Head straight to the nearest group of trees and knock down a couple of them, collecting the logs that are dropped. You break blocks by holding down the left mouse button.

Logs by themselves are pretty useless though, you need to turn them in to some wooden planks.  This is where you make use of your inventory.  Press ‘E’ and your inventory will open up. You will see everything you are carrying, wearing, and you have a small 2×2 crafting area in the top right.

Take your stack of logs, and throw them in the crafting panel.  Beside it you can see the output.  Hold down shift and click that box to instantly convert all the logs in your crafting grid in to planks.

Crafting_Bench_RecipeNow you have some planks you can upgrade your grid to 3×3 (Which you need to do to craft most things in Minecraft).  put one plank in to each square of the crafting grid, and in the output box you should see a crafting table.  Click it, drag it to your action bar, and place it somewhere in the ground (Place it by selecting the position in the action bar with mouse scroll or number, and right clicking on the ground).

Right clicking on the crafting table gives you access to the 3×3 grid, which most crafting patterns require, for now though, there are only three patterns that you need to worry about. These are for the Shovel, Axe and Pickaxe.

These three tools are pretty self explanatory, the axe is for chopping down trees, the shovel digs up dirt, and the pickaxe will let you mine through stone.



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