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The Best Minecraft Roof Designs

I have created hundreds of buildings in Minecraft. From towering castles, to small villages, I have built it all. But no matter what I build, one part of building always seems to leave my mind blank.

I decided to put together some of the best Minecraft roof designs because i know what it’s like to be so close to finishing a building, and then finding your mind blank.  Hopefully some of these examples will help spark your imagination!

Before we get too advanced though, lets cover the basics.

Basic Wooden RoofThe simplest way to create a ‘roof’ is using stair blocks.  It gives you a steep slope, that looks a little smoother than using full blocks.

Because the stairs wrap around corners, it can look pretty good to build an all around slope as pictured to the left, which is perfect for simpler homes.

But lets face it, simple and effective as this layout is, it’s pretty boring

stair roof vertical endsYou can change things up a bit by adding vertical ends to create a more unique style. Flat ends can open up the roof area as an ‘attic’ style floor to your building,  they also allow you to add a little extra decoration to add depth to the roof.

Making this simple design look interesting is not always easy, but some really simple changes can have a massively positive effect on how your building looks.

Half Slab Roofs in MinecraftWith the introduction of half bricks (slabs) you can create shallower roofs in Minecraft This is better for more modern homes, or industrial complexes.

Half slabs are my preferred method of roof style when I build, and though they don’t suit medieval styles, they go great if you are building an industrial powerhouse!

Castle Style TurretsIf you do want to go medieval, turrets can help you out. Using stairs back to back, alternating slabs with full bricks, or having full brick/no brick can give you the castle look,

Flat Castle Style Roof 1While I generally use a flatter roof style for my turrets, you can go a little further and add cone shaped tops to your castle design, giving you a Disney style castle look.

The hard part about building castles is the constant use of the same brick can look a little bland, the roof is pretty much the only part of the building you can use to define your building is the roofing.

spire towersSpires are hard to do right, but with a little work they can add a whole lot more to your castle design.

Castle designs are very popular in Minecraft, so making yours stand out can take quite a bit of effort,

I will be putting up a Minecraft Castle Building Tutorial soon, where I will go over adding depth to a castle with wall designs, roof designs and more.

Dome Style RoofSpires are not just for castles, if you prefer the oriental look you can add domes and spires to add more luxurious feel to a Minecraft creation.

Along with spires, you can make your rooftop a little more interest by building domes.

Domes are pretty hard to build without a plan, so take a look at the Minecraft structure planner. It’s well worth it though, if you look at some of the most magnificent Minecraft structures, they have domes!

Gothic Cathedral with DomeOf course, to make really amazing designs, don’t limit yourself to one style.  Look at the designs of real life buildings for inspiration.

Cathedrals, Town Halls, even skyscrapers can provide you with inspiration. Whether you want to build a regal palace, a stately home, or an industrial complex, get creative with your skyline!

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