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How to Fix the Glass Item Elevator with One Simple Step

If you’re building a glass elevator, whether to transport items, or move them around your item sorter, this one simple fix will stop items getting stuck in your fences! If you don’t know what a glass elevator is, then keep watching, it’s an essential tool used in most item sorting systems. This is technically a [...]

Beginners Minecraft Castle Building Guide!

Check out our brand new video – The Beginners Guide to Building Castles in Minecraft! In this short guide we will cover the basic castle building materials you will need, a few basic designs for towers and gates, and some ways to detail your castle walls so they don’t look quite so boring!

Beginners Guide to Minecraft

I will be referencing various craftable objects in this guide, while I will be showing some of the crafting patterns here, I do recommend the excellent resource of Minecraft Wiki – which will show you how to make everything in the Minecraft world! But enough of that, lets begin The Beginners Guide to Minecraft! (A [...]

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